Keyers and Voice Keyers
Spider Keyer - Arduino Nano based CW keyer 
Voice Keyer for FT-897

Voice Keyer for Icom transceivers
Sound card <-> MIC CMOS switch with monitoring

Long and Medium Waves Related:
High-performance up-converter for reception of 0...550kHz
Large loading coil for 136kHz
Small loading coil for VLF/LF/MF
1 kW power amplifier for 136 kHz band

Antenna Related
Ultimate Remote-controlled ATU for Lower HF Bands
Semi Automatic HF Antenna Tuner Controlled by Arduino 
HF transmatch 1 kW
ATU for HF for handheld receiver AR8200
Beverage Antenna Pre-Amplifier (2N5109)
Beverage Antennas Switch 
Preselector filters for 80m and 160m, CW
DK7ZB antenna 4 x 4 elements for 144 MHz       
Low noise pre-amplifier for 144 MHz
     14 element Yagi DL6WU for 2m band
The rope antenna for 144 MHz
Do you know what your antenna sees? Panoramic view from the top of the mast.
VHF multi-beaming switch
Filter 144 MHz 

Dummy load 800 watts
Rotary encoder divider (slow down tuning rate)

Virtual Legacy Radio (VLR) - cat software to control FT817/857/897


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