Voice Keyer for FT-897 (and similar) 

There are several voice keyers on the marker already. However, I wanted something as small and portable as the TCVR FT-897 is.

The keyer is embedded into a small plastics box.
It is plugged into the MIC cord. This way it doesn't require any extra power supply.

The keyer is controlled by the buttons on the MIC:
UP - record
DWN - play back
FST - play repeatedly

All the parts are mounted on one single PCB including the two RJ-45 connectors.
This is the top face of the board.

The bottom face of the PCB.


Comments to the schematic:
For the recording and playback it uses Winbond ISD1730 chip.
CMOS 4053 switches the AF paths instead of a relay.
NE555 makes a delay around 3 sec between two playbacks.

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