Icom IC-736

Filter selection
Less white noise
Headphones AF filter
Settable sidetone level
Meter back-light bulb replaced with LED
Meter made transparent
Setting BFO for CW
The DDS/VCO bugfix
More filters at 455 kHz IF
More filters at 9 MHz IF
Receiver OUT / Receiver IN
Icom IC-740

Four crystal filters at 455 kHz
Three crystal filters at 9 MHz
Addtional roofing filter
AF Filter (100Hz at 700Hz)
Marker unit (like IC-EX241)
IC-EX243 Keyer modification
Usage of TDA2003
Volatile VOX modifications
Internal ventilator
External attenuator
Settable sidetone level
Icom IC-275A (E)

Modification of cooling
Yaesu FT-897D transceiver:

Four filters at 455 kHz (yes, it is possible....)
A simple modification reducing a white noise above 3 kHz
Even more noise suppression - AF filter
Icom IC-730

Pre-amp relay replacement, antenna relay replacement, etc...
Dressler D200 144MHz Power Amplifier

Faster R/T switching
Mechanical and electrical modifications
RFT EKD300 professional receiver:

Faster AGC, reverse BFO, AF filter, replacement of LEDs


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