Panoramic View from the Top of the Mast

After the Field Day 2008, staring at direction statistics of QSOs, I began to wonder what trees and hillocks are shading me away from the best DX's. I wanted to learn what the antenna 'sees'. I mounted a small digital camera (PowerShot S20) at the top of the mast, on the rotator, instead of the 2 meters antenna.

The mast is approx. 7.5 m high.

Click any image to view it in full screen.

The full 360 degrees view - stitched pictures - North to North:

The separate pictures taken for each 30 degrees:

North East

330 degrees

0 degrees

30 degrees

60 degrees

90 degrees

120 degrees
South West

150 degrees

180 degrees

210 degrees

240 degrees

270 degrees

300 degrees


The camera was mounted at the top
of the mast instead of the antenna.

The camera trigger was
controlled by pulling down a string.

Direction statistics from the Field Day 2008.

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