Beverage Antennas Switch

This switch enables to interface and switch more beverage antennas using these pre-amps. It also provides +12V to the middle wire of the coaxial inputs to source the pre-amplifiers.
It uses TCVR's RX-IN and RX-OUT connectors. Therefore no high-power switching of the signal path is necessary.
For convenience the OP switches the antennas with a small box with push buttons. It lies on the desk close to TCVR or to the PC keyboard. The green button selects the main antenna (the antenna to which it is transmitted). The gray buttons select one of the beverage antennas.

The whole device with the top cover removed.

The detail of the front panel. The current ANT selection
is indicated by LEDs.

It consists of two PCB. The left one is PSU. The right
one is the switching itself.

The rear panel.

The device interfaced to Icom IC-736.

The small box to do the selection for the OP's convenience.



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