VHF Multi-Beaming Switch

The purpose if this box is to distribute power from the VHF transceiver to the first PA, second PA, or both through a power-splitter.
All the logic is controlled by Arduino Nano.
You can toggle between two modes: single-beaming and multi-beaming.
In the single-beaming mode you select whether you receive from ANT-A or ANT-B. When you transmit then only the selected PA and the selected ANT is in use. This will be mainly used if you do Search & Pounce.
In the multi-beaming mode you select from which ANT you receive, or both. When you transmit then always both PAs and both ANTs are in use. This is used when you do CQ.
PTT of an unused PA is not triggered while transmitting.
The driving power of the unused branch is burned in non-inductive rezistor 50 Ohm. This way you can freely and quickly select the configuration you need without adjusting the driving power.
If the device is unpowered the RF path and the PTT line is routed to PA-A which considered to be "main" one. In this case half of the driving power is not burned in the rezistor.

The whole device ready to use.

Top cover removed.

The front panel.

The rear panel.


Control board (Arduino)
Relay board

Arduino sketch

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