Spider Keyer (Arduino Nano CW Keyer)  
  Version 2.0

Why Spider Keyer?

(1) Unlike WinKeyer (2) Unlike K3NG

Spider Keyer was mainly developed as a companion to HamRacer logging software.

Spider Keyer enables you to:

  • Send CW from a PC (communicate both ways with the controlling SW)
  • Send CW manually, iambic, using the paddles (both Curtis-A and Curtis-B modes)
  • Set up basic properties such as lead-time, tail-time, hang-time, etc
  • Set a side-tone separately for automatic and manual sending
Stand-alone Spider Keyer
sourced through a mobile
phone charger
     Stand-alone Spider Keyer
sourced from a power bank

  Video: Spider Keyer in action 

Make use of the kit to get a professionally looking result. More on the kit


Ready to do the things yourself?
Spider Keyer Home Made page
for all the information you need.

(PCB layout, the sketch for Arduino Nano,
SprintLayout source files, etc)
     Are you a developer?
Spider Keyer Specifications page
for a detailed information.

(A description of the communication
protocol, etc)

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