Up Converter UC-5695 
to receive 0...550kHz 

Click for a large image Up converter UC-5695 in cooperation with FT-897D
The converter receives from 0 through 550kHz. It provides the fixed output on 5695kHz.
FT-897D serves as a non-tuned IF stage.
The converter is built into the
MGE 2208 box.
There is the mains switch in the top left corner, two buttons placed below the LCD display (labeled by the bottom line of the LCD) and finally the large tuning knob on the right.
The converter is controlled by the sophisticated
menu system.
Other pictures:
rear panel, prototype in a paper box
Click for a large image Top cover removed
Rear panel:
Mains plug, PSU, antenna switching relays board
Middle of the box:
The main unit of the converter
Front panel:
Mains switch, LCD display with
DDSv4 unit, buttons board, optical rotary encoder (from dismantled Knwd R-2000 receiver).
Other pictures:
PSU unit, buttons board, antenna relays
Click for a large image The main unit
From left to right:
LPF filter for both RF and LO
Diode ring mixer
Post-mixer amplifier (J310, gate grounded)
Crystal filters (
125Hz, 500Hz, by-pass)
Amplifier stage (J310, gate grounded)
View schematics of the main unit (my shaky hand-writing)
View schematics of the main unit (profi, but in Czech)

Article about this converter in Czech (*.pdf)

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