ATU for HF for the Receiver AR8200

Receiver AOR AR8200 Mk 3

The receiver is equipped with cca 60 cm long
telescopic antenna as a standard.

However, a much better reception it yields (on HF) when
the antenna is a bit longer (1 to 6 m) and it is properly tuned and matched.


The ATU is built in a plastic enclosure.
There is the band switch (3.5, 7...10, 14...21 and 28 MHz) and the knob
for tuning. The bands slightly overlap - the ATU is "general coverage".
It is possible to by-pass the ATU with the switch.
The ATU with the bottom cover removed.

Schematics of the ATU:

T1 - Toroid Pramet Sumperk N05 (dark blue), ° 6 mm
T2 - Toroid Pramet Sumperk N1 (yellow), ° 6 mm

Band switch:

Range Turns Toroid Measured
28 MHz 8 T1 0.72 ÁH
14...21 MHz 13 T1 1.6 ÁH
7...10 MHz 13 T2 6 ÁH
3.5 MHz 28 T2 21 ÁH


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