Power Amplifier for 136kHz 1kW

The bottom cover removed. The design is somehow up-side-down. It is because the power FETs are mounted on the heat-sink which is on the top of the box.
There is the antenna relay (top left corner), LPF 140kHz (two large toroids), the main output transformer (pile of toroid cores painted to white), six IRF540 transistors (mounted on the aluminium blocks), blocking condensers (blue ones) and the PCB with controlling logic.

The power FETs are mounted on aluminium blocks. The blocks are mounted on the top cover with a large heat-sink. There are thin sheets of mica between the blocks and the top cover. The FETs are driven by TC4426.

Low pass filter consists of two large Amidon toroids and series of mica condensers.

The PA in the box (the front panel is not fully finished).

The PA from the rear (the rear panel is not fully finished).


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