Icom IC-736

Receiver IN / Receiver OUT

This is the little feature that enables you to insert another device into the RX path of the TCVR.
It can be preselector, attenuator, etc. It is also the best place for a switch that toggles between the main and alternative ANT (such as beverage) for RX.

I removed the antenna tuner and drilled two holes in the rear panel:

Then I mounted two CINCH (RCA) sockets and soldered coaxial cables to them:

I made a sticker (self-adhesive lamino) to mark the two new sockets:

The coaxial cables are terminated with connectors used in the TCVR, one male and one female.
Thanks to this it can be inserted into the original RX path. Look for the coaxial cable coming
from the ANT relay to the MAIN board:

And of course for a normal TCVR use the sockets must be interconnected with a short jumper:


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