Icom IC-736

S-meter transparent

I wasn't still satisfied with the modification described here. I decided to make the scale transparent.

First I designed the new scale. I has the same layout and proportions as the original black scale. Then I printed the image on a matt polyester foil on the common desktop laser printer.
here to download the high resolution image of the scale. In fact it is designed larger. You need to set scaling down to 16% in Page Setup in your Windows program to get the right dimensions of the printout.
Finally I replaced the original black scale with the new transparent one.
As I wanted to keep the similar color of the s-meter as the LCD display the LED diode behind the scale is now:
Diameter: 4.8 mm
Angle: 150
Color: yellow (590nm)
250mcd @ 20mA

The new transparent scale:
Just in the middle of the process. The s-meter is dismantled and the scale itself replaced:
The scale replacement finished, right before the front face with the smoked glass is attached.

The final look of the modification. The needle is now perfectly visible under any condition:


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