Icom IC-736

Filter selection for CW / CW-N

Before I purchased this TCVR I saw it could select CW and CW-N. I also saw that it had two positions for optional CW filters. One at 9MHz IF and one at 455kHz IF.
I thought fine, I would insert 500Hz wide filter at 9MHz and 250Hz wide filter at 455kHz. I would set it up in the way that for CW it would use 500Hz width and for CW-N it would use 250Hz width.
What was my surprise this can't be set! You can set whatever filter combination for CW-N in the system menu but for CW the signal will always go through the fixed SSB filters. Jeez, are they serious? Why do they spoil such a good rig with a nonsense like that? Simple jumpers on the PCB would be better...

Luckily this can be easily modified.

Solder a diode and resistor in series onto IC24 on the MAIN board as the image shows.

For the optional filter at 9 MHz to be ON for both CW and CW-N, solder it between the pins 12 and 15 (as the image shows).
For the optional filter at 455 kHz to be ON for both CW and CW-N, solder it between the pins 11 and 15.

See the realization. Both parts were placed into the silicon tubing and soldered directly on pins of the IC:



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