Long Waves (136 kHz)

Summary of Results achieved on 136 kHz band.
First long-wave QSO from Czech republic in general (8/7/1999).
World distance record - QRB 5390 km (23/9/2000).

Picture Gallery - various pictures related to the long waves

Sound Gallery - sounds recorded on the bands, in MP3 format

Visual-CW and Slow-Hell Gallery- images seen on the spectrograph - slow modes

Awards you can get for LF.

Weekend Cottage is QTH suitable for 136 kHz band.

EKD 300 Receiver is an excellent receiver for LF after some modifications.

1 kW PA with 6x IRF540.

Loading Coil for proper antenna matching.

Pictures of Professional Variometers - images collected through the time

Expedition to a 150 meters high T-antenna (23/09/2000). 
Expedition to a 150 meters high T-antenna (12/01/2001). 

Clanky v cestine - articles in Czech language


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