Expedition on 23-24/09/2000
(loc: JO70ND, 150 mtrs high T-antenna)

World distance record on 136 kHz - 23/09/2000 at 22:45 UTC, OK1FIG (135.755 kHz, Visual-CW) and VE1ZJ (14043 kHz, CW) - QRB 5390 km
My signal as recorded by John, VE1ZJ:

My entry in the log (Jeez, John confirms!):

OK1FIG logbook
OK1ARN logbook

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Others about the expedition:

G1HDQ: "OK1FIG good strong signal here in E Devon this morning @ 0845UTC (estimated 579 in SSB bandwidth).

DK8KW: "I can fully confirm that OK1FIG has one of the strongest signals I have ever heard...."

G4CNN: "Petr has been going strong all morning, one or two dB over S9 here in Reading..."

DJ2LF: "The strongest signal I ever heard here in JN59NO."

G3TFR: "You were R3, S5 with ant = 15m vert wire + ATU, Rx = TS-440S, here in Manchester - a very FB signal in my QRN city location. Congratulations!"

G3LDO: "OK1FIG putting in an S9 signal all day - I called in vain. Later worked OK1ARN at 1925UTC and got a 579 report."

VE1ZJ: "OK1FIG was received here from around 2225Z I had much finger trouble but did manage to get his call image in computer. We completed crossband qso 2245 just as band was fading. ... congratulations on big signal condx were poor."

ON5EX: "559 on my 40-10m WINDOM antenna...."

Ko, NL9222: "Thanks for the busy night, enjoyed every minute."

G3YXM: "Well done to John and Petr, fantastic!"

PA0SE: "With me their signal today is the same as yesterday: S9 + 9dB"

DJ1ZB: "I have got RST 599 using 75 Watts transmitter power (QTH JN68GN), and after I have heard OK1FIG in Test with DJ2LF (QTH nr Erlangen) who decreased his power down to 10/5/3 watts and still could keep the contact - after this I decided to call OK1FIG once more, but with my small TBA 810 LF PA (designed merely for measurements on my lf antenna) with just 3 watts output.

G3NYK: "lots of activity stirred up by Petr and lots of weak traces on the screen I couldn't hear...... quite a weekend. Well done Petr, activity like this does help to spread the message and bring in new blood."

G3XDV: "OK1FIG and OK1ARN were 599 all weekend....Called many times but no response at all....Anyway, it all generated lots of interest in central Eu so well done Petr. Also congratulations on the transatlantic QSO, a new record. ..."

YO2IS: "Hello Petr, first of all congrats for your excelent LF expedition and the new ODX with Canada. Was happy to hear your signal here in my poor downtown location in Timisoara (KN05ps).

DF6NM: "...congratulations on the weekend's fruits! Very nice work indeed, and a dx record well-earned by your wonderful signal."

EB2DZB: "My QTH is in ARANO near to San Sebastian (IN93be) and the last saturday 23 I recived in 137 Khz a CQ form your father OK1ARN at 20:10 UTC."

DL1VDL (HF-Manager DARC): "Congratulation to the transatlantic world record on longwave on behalf of the DARC HF-Committee !! Your QSO with ve1zj is a big step forward and all longwave experimentors are very proud of you.

OK1FIG: "Thank you all for your reports and comments."

Coordiates: (50 dgs 08 min 15.57 North / 15 dgs 08 min 39.36 sec East)

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