LF Picture Gallery

LF rig:
FETs are gone - sounds familiar? RX RFT EKD 300, excellent for LF EKD 300 mod: second xtal for BFO EKD 300 mod: AF filter (30 Hz wide) EKD 300 mod: detail of built-in AF filter The main LF antenna Calling cq on 136 kHz Building variometer Tap for matching to 50 ohms Moving the rig to/from the cottage Rig for 136 khz


Expedition to a professional site (9/2000):
One of the 150 meters high masts Operators at the middle part of antenna Feeder going either to earth or inside Provisional LW for listening to VE on 14 MHz Petr OK1FIG admiring professional loading coil Top view of the variometer Another big professional variometer Masts of 150 m high T-antenna Early morning view of the antenna Rather big ham-shack. Will you find the operator? Just in Visual-CW QSO Jirka OK1ARN first time on LF Loading coil in front of a professional TX OK1ARN (left) and OK1FIG (right) RX RFT EKD 300 left on the table Petr OK1FIG operating Visual-CW Petr OK1FIG operating Visual-CW

Expedition to a professional site (1/2001):
Jirka OK1ARN on the air Jirka filling the log with xband QSOs Both hands busy all the time Petr OK1FIG on the air Fully concentrated I will exchange 30 chairs for 1 bed tonite... Jirka preparing "kitchen" Spirit cooker Both operators at the table Watching tens of meters of Gram thru the nite Good morning, father... Jirka with Pepa OK1NK (right) Jirka relaxing Feeder to the antenna Jirka cooking a soup Jirka sleeping in kitchen


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