Overview of Results Achieved on 136 kHz Band

World distance record (cross-band):

23.9.2000: 22:24 UTC cross-band QSO (OK1FIG 135.755 kHz, VE1ZJ 14043 kHz) QRB 5390 km! Take a look here for more details.

First QSOs between countries:

15.5.1999: First stations heard on 136 kHz band (DF2PY, OZ1KMR and IK5ZPV)
8.7.1999: My first ever QSO on 136 kHz band (DJ5BV). First long-wave QSO from Czech republic in general. First OK/DL QSO
10.7.1999: First OK/HB9
12.9.1999: My first QSO on CW, first OK/OE, first OK/OZ
9.10.1999: First OK/ON, first OK/I
10.10.1999: First OK/PA, first OK/G
26.11.1999: First OK/SM, first OK/OH
27.11.1999: First OK/GM
11.03.2000: First OK/OM

Distance record (1424 km):

27.11.1999: Worked MM0ALM on CW, QRB 1424 km

Countries worked (15):

DL, HB9, OE, OZ, ON, I, PA, G, SM, OH, GM, OM, OK, HA, F

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