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0...136 kHz

Loran C Navigational system for ships. Transmission takes place on 100 kHz. Bandwidth was changed in the middle of the sound. It sounds like "galloping horses".
SAQ Grimeton station. Transmission on 17.2 kHz. They also worked HAM bands as SA6Q (01/07/2001).
SAQ* as received by my UC5695. LW 41m fed directly to the converter (24/10/2010).

136 kHz Amateur Band

HAM stations, sorted alphabetically:
DF0WD op Wolf (13/10/2001).
DF2BC op Ali, qth JO33mj, Campen lighthouse event (19/08/2001).
DF2PY Wolf (used to be vy strong during 1999).
DF6NM Using 100 m high vertical on a baloon (22/10/2000). DF6NM (09/03/2002).
DJ2LF+ I could copy him with 5W RF and hear with 3W RF (24/09/2000).
DJ7RD (29/9/2001).
DJ9IE Another strong German station (07/04/2000).
DK5PT op Dietrich (09/03/2002).
DK8KW op Geri is one of the strongest stations (25/03/2000).
DL2HRE (06/04/2002)
DL3FDO op Werner, qth Frankfurt (29/9/2001).
DL/OM2TW Riso in the Geri DK8KW qth (24/03/2001).
G3AQC op Laurie (26/11/2000).
G3KEV op Mal (25/03/2000).
G3KEV (09/03/2002).
G3WSC* op Derek, Decca mast at Puckeridge (14/04/2000).
GU3XTZ Expedition of G3YXM, G0MRF and G3XTZ (25/11/2000).
HB2ASB+ HB9ASB with the special callsign (24/09/2000).
IK5ZPV op Valerio from Italy (30/04/2000).
MM0ALM Dave nr Aberdeen (25/11/2000).
OE5ODL Station using about 500 m long LW (25/03/2000).
OH1BS op Simo (21/10/2000).
OH1TN op Reino (09/03/2002)
OK1ABX op Mirek, his 2nd QSO (13/10/2001).
* op Richard, the first Slovak station on LF (27/02/2000).
OM5CW op Otto, qth Sintava (from LF meeting in Slovakia) (30/9/2001).
OZ1KMR op Henrik (08/04/2000).
OZ8NJ op Niels from loc JO65GX (23/04/2000).
SM6PXJ* op Christofer (04/02/2000). SM6PXJ (25/11/2000).

Sounds recorded by others:
OK1FIG My signal heard by OM2TW (25/03/2000).
OK1FIG+ My signal heard by OM2TW on 14 MHz yagi (24/09/2000).
OK1FIG+ My signal heard by F5MAF (24/09/2000).
OK1ARN+ Jirka heard by EB2DZG (24/09/2000).

special events, sorted chronologically:
* Transmission from coastal station SAJ in Karlsborg. They used 210 meters high T-antenna (05/02/2000).
pile-up on LF+ OZ1KMR and OE5ODL calling concurrently (24/09/2000).

137...500 kHz

professional stations, sorted chronologically:
DDH47* Special event transmission. DDH47 transmitted several times for radioamateurs on 147.3 kHz (10/06/2009).

500 kHz Amateur Band

HAM stations, sorted alphabetically:
OK0EMW beacon mastered by Lubos, OK1BVG, on 505.060 kHz (02/02/2009).

Above 500 kHz

NAVTEX FEC (Forward Error Correction) transmission of WX and NX for ships (02/02/2009).

* - LW 41 m in 6 m above the ground,
+ - 150 m high T-antenna,
the others
Marconi T-ant.

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