Spider Keyer Home Made

This page describes the version 1.0 which slightly differs from the kit.

Spider Keyer sketch (source code for Arduino Nano)
(you may get a newer version from HamRacer)

PCB - parts side, x-ray view   PCB - cuprum side   

SprintLayout files: PCB   Front and rear labels

List of part to order (GM Electronics). Mind it is for a batch of 10.

Schematics (ver. 1.0)   

To burn the above source code (the sketch) into your Arduino Nano, download and install freeware Arduino editor from here:

The aluminium box is: HAMMOND HA1455C802.

Manufacturing PCB.

Manufacturing the front and rear labels.

PCB, top view, with Arduino Nano attached.

PCB, bottom view.

Front view.

Rear view.

Connected to PC.

Used stand-alone. To source the keyer use any
mobile charger (5V via USB).


Home made Spider Keyers by by others
By Luca, IT9HHN By Osvaldo, KP4OSP By Jindra, OK4RM
By Martin, OK1MCW By Karel, OK1DWF You?

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