The hands-on software for passionate CW and SSB contesters. It contains the world-unique synthesized voice keyer.
No need to record anything into your voice keyer!


Tom, KC0W: Super easy to use & understand. Very intuitive. I glanced over the manual after I had already been using the program for 45 minutes or so.
Layne, AE1N: Your software has the promise of a breakthough in Ham Radio SSB contesting...
Marty, W8AKS: Happy, am I happy, see the footprints on the ceiling! Beautiful job!  This has been needed for a long time. ... This puts the fun back into SSB contesting for me.
Mike DH6JL/DK6M: It is a wonderful tool when the family sleeps and i'd like to make some talks to friends via air. The free type/talk option is a nice way to talk with people and keep the rooms quiet.

>>> Click here to download HamRacer - latest version <<<

*  Download the file Setup_HamRacer1.zip
*  Unzip the file
*  Run Setup_HamRacer1.exe to install the software. You may need to run it "as administrator".

Videos showing usage in contests:

Can a dumb radioamateur take part in SSB contest?
CQ WW DX SSB 2017 - without a microphone!
One Exciting Night with Zira
HamRacer Synergy (interconnecting two HamRacers via LAN)

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Version history (last entry first)

Version Date of Release Changes Remark July 20th, 2018 Implemented import of EDI format. Enhanced and fixed chars (Points per Hour, Average QSO Length). June 29th, 2018 It is possible to define multipliers in the new contest wizard. Operator is advised when he is going to make a QSO with a new multiplier. May 21th, 2018 Minor fixes and enhancements. May 9th, 2018 Minor fixes and enhancements. Tested in RuDX. Apr 27th, 2018 It is now possible to let HamRacer to manipulate the master volume control in Windows Volume Mixer. Thanks to this you won't have to set the levels each time again. HamRacer can have full control of the output volume level.
Help file enhanced (synergy, setting audio levels).
Selectable VHF/UHF bands.
Other minor enhancements. Apr 17th, 2018 It is now possible to specify COM port for WinKeyer. It enables to use micro KEYER II. My thanks fly to
Hans, PA3ACA Apr 10th, 2018 Possibility to override COM port for WinKeyer (for usage of microKeyer II).
Synergy enhancements. Apr 5th, 2018 Better COM port handling (WinKeyer) on older PC.
It is now possible to run more instances of HamRacer simultaneously.
Multiple selection is now possible of log entries. Copy and paste implemented.
Logic of the registration window improved.
It is possible to interconnect two instances of HamRacer over LAN or Internet. While connected all the changes in log are synchronized with the other HamRacer. Feb 27th, 2018 Pre-filling of CQ and ITU zones.
Speed optimization for extremely slow (old) computers.
Tested in CQ WW 160M SSB. Feb 1st, 2018 Distinguishing a USB->COM converter by its HW signature. Fix in licensing. Jan 25th, 2018 Minor fixes and enhacements. New Search function. Used in CQ WW 160m CW. Jan 12th, 2018 Implemented the possibility to control PTT through DTR/RTS signals on a (virtual) COM port. Jan 2nd, 2018 Minor fixes and enhancements. Jan 1st, 2018 Fixed "stack overflow" problem when connected WinKeyer. Tested in Stew Perry contest. Dec 22th, 2017 First version released to beta testers.  


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