Spider Keyer Kit

Content of the kit (what you see is what you get):
Assembled keyer with Arduino Nano plugged in:


The keyer is designed
to fit the aluminium box
(not a part of the kit)
     The thick (1.6 mm) and high
quality PCB used.
Click the image for a large one.

The kit contains PCB and all the necessary parts except Arduino Nano.
It doesn't contain any housing box.

No tiny SMD parts. Only through-hole ones. All holes drilled.
No special tools required. All you need is a soldering iron.

See also the Assembly Instructions for more details.

The price is $12.00 (10 EUR) plus the postage fee. PayPal prefered.
(250 korun ceských vc. obyc. poštovného)

To order the kit write to:


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