VHF Contests (144Mhz)  


Date Contest Name Result Details Awards Callsign
May 2017 Subregional #2 1st place out of 9 STNs This time ran 6 HOURS category. First tests of the synthesized voice keyer.   OK1FIG
Nov 2016 Marconi Memorial 3rd place out of 42 STNs   Watch the video about the contest. Not yet issued (May 2017) OK1P
Sep 2016 VHF Contest 5th place out if 73 STNs Relatively good CONDS. Besides countries PA, SM, F, I, UR etc, worked also OZ (new to me),
View the
directional map.
Aug 2016 Alpe Adria Preliminary: 5th in section B CONDS changing rapidly.
The maximum between 9 and 10 UTC, a sharp notch around 12 UTC.
Running in the CW-only category.
May 2016 Subregional #2 4th place out of 48 STNs     OK1FIG
Mar 2016 Subregional #1 2nd place out of 63 STNs rather bad conditions
mainly testing a new mast:
bottom gear, mast erected
click here for PDF OK1FIG
Nov 2015 Marconi Memorial 3rd place out of 51 STNs multibeaming: 4x4el plus 1x14el,
excellent conds:
directional map
click here for PDF OK1FIG
Sep 2015 VHF Contest 6th place out of 92 STNs     OK1FIG
Jul 2015 VHF Field Day 2nd place out of 81 STNs 4 x 4 ele yagi did a great job, directional map OK1FIG


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