OK1ARN (OK1RN, OL4M), my father

His first QSL card, year 1947:

Jirka OK1RN in his first ham-shack (mind that he talks to a microphone, no paddles on the desk!), year 1948:

Jirka OK1RN in the middle of the picture, year 1947:

Jirka working hard on the Dalibor teleprinter project, 1957:

Jirka at hist RIG in 1965. I remember this scene as a small boy:

Jirka in full concentration in the contest. Expetion to Horska Kvilda together with Vaclav OK1MWA:

Jirka acting as a 'live rotator', probably during a Field Day Contest:

Jirka in his ham-shack, April 2002:

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